Presidents’ Day Air Conditioning Facts

Presidents' Day Air Conditioning Facts

As President’s Day approaches, you may be preparing for a relaxing day off work. And if you’re a South Florida homeowner, that may mean relaxing in your cool house as the unusually warm winter swelters outside. The President’s Day holiday will not be the time for anything to go wrong with your cooling system. Read on to learn the top three quirky facts about air conditioning to ponder on your time off during your President’s Day holiday:

Fact #1: Heard of Dr. John Gorrie?

If you haven’t, you need to know him. In 1851, this Florida doctor created a machine that produced buckets of ice and blew air over the buckets — creating a cooling system that he envisioned cooling buildings around the world. But this Floridian’s dreams were crushed when he couldn’t get financial backers.

Fact #2: Air-Conditioned Homes

By 1914, the first air-conditioning unit was installed in a home. But these were truly the air conditioners of the glory days. They were huge and bulky, one in particular being 20 feet long in the mansion of Minneapolis resident Charles Gates!

Fact #3: Cooling Boom

By the 1950s, residential air conditioning systems were a popular trend in homes — with more than one million of these systems being sold to homeowners throughout the United States in 1953.

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