How Pet Hair Affects Your AC System’s Health

How Pet Hair Affects Your AC System's Health

We all love having our furry friends in the house, especially when the summer heat is too much for them to handle outside! But, as much as we love them, pet hair is the cause of many health problems for your AC system. Summertime is when most animals shed their winter coats and, although we see a lot of the remnants in the corners of the house, a majority of it ends up in your air conditioner. Keep reading to learn how it affects your AC system’s health.

How Pet Hair Affects Your Air Quality

The air in your house is circulated through a filter when your air conditioner takes in old air and then pumps it out again after cooling it. The air filter is supposed to catch any debris from the unconditioned air to ensure clean cold air is circulating back into the house. But, if the air filter is neglected for too long your pet hair could be polluting your air quality. Changing your air filter once a month can help your A/C run more efficiently and effectively.  

How Pet Hair Affects Your Health

If you or someone you know suffers from allergies or asthma, checking your air ducts and filter regularly for pet dander and hair is a must! After time, air ducts can get clogged with all your pet’s remnants. Or, if you are planning on purchasing a new home or office make sure to have one of our technicians come take a look at your HVAC system to ensure a comfortable move in.  

Minimizing Pet Hair in the Home

It is easy to prevent the buildup of bad air quality from keeping pets in the house if you make sure to follow these few tips:

  • Replace your air filter once a month
  • Maintain your air ducts
  • Bathe and groom pets regularly to get rid of excess hair

If you want to take even further actions, investing in an air purifier could help safely remove the excess hair and dander from your home as well!

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