Home New Year’s Resolutions Check-Up

New Year's Resolutions Check-Up

As we move into the second full week of the new year, as homeowners it’s time to check on our home’s resolutions. Remember, there’s not much worse than starting your year with a home disaster like your air conditioner deciding to retire in 2016. Set or check up on new year’s resolutions for your home by reading our quick guide.

Resolution #3: Consider Your Insurance Policy

So much can go wrong in a home, and you always want to be prepared. A new year is a great time to reconsider your homeowner’s insurance. Do you need to bump up the coverage? Do you need to apply for additional flood insurance through FEMA? Some of these tweaks are just a little extra money for an incredible amount of savings, should something go wrong.

Resolution #2: Get on the Roof

It’s always a good idea to get on your roof at least once a year and do a thorough inspection. Look for missing roof shingles and cracks in the roof. Clean your gutters so that your downspout is clear. All of these maintenance tasks will save you from undue water issues.

Resolution #1: HVAC Dying? Get Ready to Buy and Save in the New Year

Now is the time to buy a new HVAC system, as there are sales going on in the new year, plus it’s less busy for this time of year. If you know you need to buy a new HVAC, check with us to see which models are on sale. Retailers often push out amazing models at the end of the year to make room for newer ones.

Don’t Delay! Contact Engineered Air For Your Home’s HVAC Today!

We want 2016 to be your very best year yet. Follow through with your resolutions and contact us today to get your HVAC serviced in the new year.