New Tech Trends in the HVAC Industry

New Tech Trends in the HVAC Industry

Controlling the comfort of your home became more convenient than ever with the invention of central heating and air conditioning. Now, controlling the comfort of your home is becoming even easier as leading-edge technologies are being developed and integrated into various HVAC products every year. Check out these three new tech trends in the HVAC industry to watch out for.

1. Wireless Thermostats

Although smart thermostats have been available for several years, companies like Carrier have gone to great lengths to tailor these units to synchronize with their high-quality HVAC systems to produce outstanding comfort results. The innovative Côr™ thermostat, for example, combines home comfort with reduced energy use. This allows homeowners to save an average of 20 percent on their heating and cooling bills each month.

Infinity thermostats work with Carrier’s Greenspeed heat pumps and furnaces for an optimum hybrid system. You can follow the usage patterns from your smartphone and even have your thermostat alert you when air filters need to be changed or when it’s time to schedule maintenance.

2. Smart Vents

If you’ve ever dealt with hot or cold spots in your home, you know the issue can be difficult to mitigate. To maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, your HVAC technician will adjust the vents after installing your system. However, it’s easy to adjust the vents without realizing that there could be long-term problems as a result. Smart vents have been engineered, but they have not yet reached the market. These vents are designed to communicate with one another to automatically adjust whenever issues such as hot and cold spots occur. Even better, smart vent will be able to to seamlessly integrate with your smartphone to allow even more convenient control options.

3. Home Management Devices

Expect to see developers integrate their thermostats, vents, and other elements of HVAC systems with home management devices such as Amazon’s Echo. Apps for this unit already offer smart management of lights, coffee makers, and outside decorations. The device currently works with several types of hubs, which allows for control of some thermostats and ceiling fans.

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