Do I Need a Refrigerant Leak Detector?

Without refrigerant, staying cool and comfortable would be a lot harder. Because refrigerant works to not only cool, but also remove moisture from our homes and businesses, refrigerant is necessary for indoor air quality. Although it’s uncommon, it’s possible for refrigerant to leak and cause numerous issues. Because refrigerant leaks can be dangerous, some people invest in refrigerant leak detectors for their homes and business—but do you really need one?

So, What is Refrigerant Anyway?

Also known as Freon, refrigerant is a liquid cooling agent located in the coil of an air conditioning system. Refrigerant works to cool air while also dehumidifying it to create a comfortable temperature. Because of the chemicals used in refrigerant, leaks can be dangerous and harm you, the environment, and your air conditioning system.

What are the Dangers?

Refrigerant is toxic and can harm humans if we breathe in too much. Overexposure can cause shortness of breath and even death. Because refrigerant releases chemicals, it presents a danger to the environment—mainly the ozone layer and plants, soil, and animals if they are exposed. On the less serious end of the spectrum, refrigerant leaks can damage your AC by causing the compressor to work more than it needs to.

Refrigerant Leak Detectors: Do I Need One?

Because of the potential threats refrigerant poses, some people opt to use refrigerant leak detectors in their home or business. There are various methods of leak detection such as electronic sniffers, the bubble leak method, or UV light. While certain systems can be installed with relative ease, many find it simpler to call an experienced technician for help. While having a refrigerant leak detector won’t hurt, contacting the local professionals at Engineered Air is a guaranteed way to ensure there are no leaks.

Call a Professional Technician

Refrigerant leaks are rare, but can still present potential dangers if not handled correctly. It’s best to let an experienced technician from Engineered Air handle the situation if you suspect you have a refrigerant leak. At Engineered Air, our #1 priority is your comfort and safety. We have the skills to remove the gasses and seal any leaks quickly! For more information about Air Conditioners, click here, or visit Engineered Air today.