Why Location Is Important To Your AC

Why Location Is Important To Your AC

When installing a new air conditioning unit, it’s all about location, location, location! You should be asking yourself, “What kind of unit is best for where I live?” and “where should I place this unit?” These two questions will not only ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioner, but could save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs down the road. Learn why location is one of the most important factors when it comes to picking out and installing your new air conditioner.

What Kind of Unit Is Best for Where I Live?

Living in Florida, we are blessed with the beach, the sun and the sand! While this makes for great living, it can cause some major problems for our air conditioners. Rough and salty air tears away at our units, and the effect of humidity means that our ACs won’t always work their best. That’s why Floridians need special air conditioners that are built to withstand harsh environments while still keeping us cool all year round.

For Humid Areas

In general, all Floridians should get an AC condenser unit with a dehumidification system. We live in a part of the country that has lots of humidity. That humidity makes your home feel warmer and creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you live in a humid area, it’s vital that you ask about an air conditioner with a dehumidification system. These units keep your air cool, dry and safe for the entire family.

For Beach Living

There is nothing better than living near the beach! However, while beach living may be great for people, it’s not so good for your air conditioner. If you live within 10 miles of the seacoast, then there is a possibility that the harsh salt air may be damaging your unit. Carrier® offers a number of high quality units, built specifically to withstand the beach air. These units are designed for beach lovers, so you can enjoy the Florida coast and your AC.

Where Should I Place My AC Unit?

The location of your unit is as important as the type of unit you buy. If you place your AC in a spot with too much sun, you unit will work harder and less efficiently. That means a less comfortable home and a higher electric bill. Likewise, if you cover or hide your unit (either in a man-made structure or with landscaping), airflow slows down. Your unit won’t work as well, and again, your home will suffer.

The best place to install your condenser unit is on a shady spot on the east or north side of your house. This way, it will receive less direct sunlight. Just make sure that no landscaping is covering the unit!

The AC Professionals You Can Trust!

Before you choose a new air conditioner for your home, be sure to talk to the air conditioning professionals you can trust! At Engineered Air, our experienced technicians will help you understand your AC options and figure out what unit will work best for your home. Call Engineered Air today and start improving your family’s comfort!