Keep the Heat Out With Window Treatments

Keep the Heat Out With Window Treatments

Our windows have a huge impact on our homes. Not only do they affect the way a room looks and functions, they can also determine how a room how a room feels. Rooms with tons of natural light may look beautiful, but they also raise the overall temperatures of our homes. This can make it harder for our air conditioner to keep our homes cool, raising our energy bills.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to give up your gorgeous bay windows just yet. Adding certain window treatments helps block out some of the heat, while still giving you the option of enjoying your view.


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates adding an awning to a west-facing window can reduce solar heat by up to 77 percent in your home. This window treatment can cover individual windows or an entire side of your house. This makes it ideal for patios and French doors that tend to let in a lot of natural light.

Another great aspect about awnings is that they are often retractable. So you can enjoy the shade when it’s hot outside or retract them back and when you want a little more sun.

Window Film Keeps Heat Out

Window films are a great way of blocking out the sun, and adding extra privacy to your home. These films are placed directly on your window and come in a large range of colors, transparencies and patterns. Typically, silver films are the most effective type of film at keeping out sunlight.

Blackout Fabric

One of the most effective ways of totally blocking out the sun is with blackout fabric curtains. While this isn’t the ideal situation for letting in some natural light, it is a great design tool for anyone wishing to keep their house cool while they’re at work or on vacation. High quality blackout fabric will block out 100 percent of the sun’s rays, so your home will be totally protected.

Look For More Natural Ways to Cool Your Home

No matter how you decided to cool your home, remember, cutting energy cost starts with having the right AC. At Engineered Air, we carry a number of ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners. Our experienced team will help you pick the right air conditioner for your home and your budget. Call Engineered Air today and get a free estimate on your next AC.