Is Your HVAC System Hurting Your Business?

Is Your HVAC System Hurting Your Business?

Your business’s heating and cooling system should be out of sight and out of mind while creating a comfortable indoor climate for both your employees to work in and for your customers to enjoy. But as beneficial as your HVAC system should be, it may actually be hurting your business in a number of ways. Learn how below:

1. Uneven heating and cooling throughout the building.

A central HVAC system is designed to provide your space with steady, even temperature control throughout your commercial space. However, problems with your air ducts and other related issues can cause uneven heating and cooling. This can be uncomfortable for your customers, and it can have a negative impact on the productivity of your employees. If you have noticed cold spots or hot spots in your commercial space, consider calling an HVAC technician to perform an inspection of your heating and cooling system.

2. Bad smells coming from the air vents.

Over time, heating and cooling systems can accumulate bacteria, which can create a foul smell when the air blows through the vents. Bad smells can interfere with productivity in the workplace, and it can also make your environment unpleasant for your customers. Even worse, bacteria is linked to poor indoor air quality, which can cause a variety of health ailments. This can be detrimental for your bottom line and your employees’ and customers’ safety. HVAC maintenance is a great way to clean your system, improve indoor air quality and eliminate bad smells in the process.

3. Loud, bothersome noises coming from the system.

HVAC units can make unusual sounds when they operate for a number of reasons. For example, there may be a loose bracket or a blocked duct that is causing a strange sound to be heard when the system runs. These can be disruptive in the workplace, and your customers may also find them to be bothersome. An HVAC technician can diagnose the source of the sound and can provide you with an estimate to remedy the situation.

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If your system is not acting properly, it can impact your business in a number of ways. Engineered Air can inspect your system to determine what the cause of the trouble is, and we can fix the situation for you. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.