Is Your Home Ready For Leap Year 2016?

Is Your Home Ready For Leap Year 2016?

Did you know that 2016 is a Leap Year? Although Leap Year may not be noticeable in your day-to-day activities, it is an important point on the calendar for maintaining a level of stability in terms of dates and seasons. The 365-day calendar year actually fails to account for the full amount of time it takes the earth to make its orbit around the sun. An extra period of approximately six hours is included in that orbit, which means that an extra day every four years can keep the months aligned with the seasons. As you wrap your mind around the fact that 2016 will include an extra day, you can also take steps to maximize that extra time as you attend to the needs of your home.

Leap Into Action with Spring Maintenance

February 29 is referred to as Leap Day, and it gives you one extra day before spring of 2016 begins. You can use this day to do a little bit of extra spring cleaning. You could also use it as an HVAC maintenance day. Your air conditioner can lose at least 5 percent of its efficiency through seasonal cooling activity, which means that a maintenance visit is important for maintaining maximum efficiency levels. Even if you don’t have your system serviced on Leap Day, you will want to take a moment to schedule your appointment soon so that you can operate your equipment with minimal worries as the seasons transition.

Get a Jump Start on Improving Home Efficiency Levels

There are many DIY activities that can be completed to achieve better home energy performance levels. For example, you can trim up to 10 percent from your home’s cooling costs by updating insulation and sealing air leaks. You can further reduce energy demands by choosing window treatments that will insulate your windows or block the sun’s rays. One of the most interesting options for Florida homeowners is the extension of a federal energy tax credit through December 31, 2016. Leap Year is an excellent opportunity to save on the installation of eligible energy-efficient materials and appliances, including some HVAC systems.

Enjoy An Extra Day This Leap Year With Home Comfort by Engineered Air

Whether you need more information about high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners or need to evaluate your energy performance levels to identify areas in need of improvement, 2016 offers you an extra day to accomplish these residential goals. Engineered Air is pleased to be of service when you contact us for an appointment.