Is Bacteria Growing in My Air Handler?

Is Bacteria Growing in My Air Handler?

When it comes to our homes, we like to think they’re pretty clean. After all, we do our best to disinfect the counters, vacuum the carpets and scrub the bathrooms, right? But is that really enough? If you’re neglecting your air handler, the answer is “no.” Dangerous mold and bacteria thrives in your air handler, blowing pollutants throughout your entire house. Because of this, it’s vital that every homeowner is aware of what’s going on in his or her air handler and takes the right steps to keeping the air clean.

The Invisible Danger

Bacteria and mold thrive in damp, dark places. This can be anywhere in your home from under the sink, to your basement. However, most homeowners are able to check these areas for dangerous mold regularly, putting an end to the problem before it’s too late.

With an air handler, it’s not so simple. Since they are not easily accessible, they become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. These pollutants are then blown throughout the entire house, spreading the contaminants far beyond the confines of your air handler.

Most homeowners don’t even realize something is wrong with their air until their family starts showing the symptoms of mold exposure. This can range anywhere from mild symptoms such as nasal congestion to serious respiratory illnesses.

How to Prevent Bacteria in Your Air Handler

Just like the rest of your home, your air handler needs regular maintenance to stay clean and efficient. This is why it is recommended that homeowners have their air handlers professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, for some systems, this still might not be enough to keep all the germs away.

To get year round protections from bacteria and mold in your air handler, have an ultraviolet (UV) light installed inside your system. UV lights are one of the best ways to protect your home’s indoor air quality. These lights are installed inside your air handler in order to kill mold and bacteria. They work by attacking and breaking down the organic molecular bonds of the pathogens. They can even attack germs and viruses that are make your family sick. Any microorganism that passes through the UV rays is destroyed, leaving your air fresh and safe.

Say Goodbye to Poor Indoor Air Quality

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