Indoor House Plants Things to Know to Improve IAQ

Indoor House Plants Things to Know to Improve IAQ

Indoor house plants can be beneficial for a myriad of reasons. Tightly constructed homes make it easier to keep indoor environments comfortable in any weather, but they also tend to keep airborne contaminants trapped inside. Houseplants might not be the first thing that comes to mind when addressing your home’s indoor air quality, but they can play an important role in reducing the number of pollutants that circulate through the air. Read on to learn how houseplants can make the air that your family breathes healthier.

Nature’s Air Cleaners

NASA has proven that plants generate most of the oxygen that humans breathe through the process of photosynthesis, it’s their ability to clean contaminated air that makes them so beneficial for indoor environments. One of the ways plants accomplish this remarkable feat is by emitting water vapor, which creates a kind of pumping action that pulls air down to the soil. The plant’s root microbes then breakdown airborne toxins and convert them into food.

Long-Term Benefits

The longer a houseplant lives in your home, the better it cleans the air. That’s because the genetic makeup of plants allows them to adapt to the toxins in their environment so that they become more efficient at converting pollutants into nutrients over time. As the zone around the soil and roots is the most effective at cleaning the air, plants like dracaena marginata and ficus benjamina that develop a tree-like structure as they grow are particularly beneficial.

Tips For Selecting Best House Plants

Choosing plants that don’t require bright sunlight, constant watering or high levels of humidity is the easiest way to ensure that your houseplants thrive. Tried-and-true varieties include pothos, spathiphyllm, philodendron and sansevieria. Grouping plants in artful displays maximizes their health benefits and adds a natural accent to your décor as well.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Engineered Air

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