Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Have you ever walked into a place from outside and immediately notice something different about the air? It often feels like the air is thick and has a musty smell. As soon as you step back outside you feel better?

Often when that happens, it means that the air inside isn’t healthy to breathe and it needs to be exchanged with the air outside. That is why indoor air quality is so important. The quality of the air inside every place you occupy should be taken into consideration.

Potential Health Effects

The people most affected by poor indoor air are people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. A home with bad air quality is filled with different triggers that will affect your breathing. Mold may not always be visible in an environment with poor air quality, but if it is breathed in you may develop fever symptoms even if you don’t have any respiratory illnesses.

An Uninhabitable Space

Indoor space is consistently introduced to new pollutants, increases in humidity and moistening air. These factors are what contribute to making the air thicker and adding a moldy odor to the air, resulting in making the space less habitable for people and more habitable for bugs.

You’ll Need an AC and a Dehumidifier

An AC system and dehumidifier are two appliances that play a great deal in managing the quality of air inside your space. An AC absorbs the air from your home and introduces new, cleaner air into the space. A dehumidifier absorbs the moisture from the air from your home and sends it back out dry. This will make the air inside your home much healthier to breathe.

Call Engineered Air Today!

If you’re in an indoor environment with thick air that smells of mold and mildew, it’s important that you seek a resolution from Engineered Air to clean the air. If you’re concerned about the upkeep of clean air in your home you should also consult with Engineered Air. Our technicians will make any needed adjustment to your AC system to help it make your home more comfortable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.