Dangers of Poor Ventilation in HVAC

Ventilation in HVAC

Proper ventilation is essential for a comfortable, healthy and productive indoor environment. When people live in homes with adequate fresh air, studies have shown that they are more energetic and productive than people living in houses that are inadequately ventilated

And considering that most people spend at least one-third of every day in their homes, the importance of proper ventilation cannot be overemphasized. Many of us tend to think of ventilation as either air movement within a building or the introduction of outdoor air. However, it is actually a combination of processes which results in the supply and removal of air from inside a building.

The Importance of Good Ventilation

Ventilation also helps remove the moisture, odors, bacteria, smoke, and airborne particles from a building. Learn more about its role in the HVAC system below. 

1. Air Quality

The HVAC system’s ventilation is important in controlling air quality. Ventilators help eliminate bad odors within the house while helping bring in fresh air from outside the house. The exchange of fresh air and stale air is crucial in sustaining a healthy atmosphere within the house.

2. Dehumidifier to the Atmosphere

Ventilation also has a component of temperature. It is quite unhealthy and uncomfortable to live in a house that is humid. The ventilation component in the HVAC helps in regulating the humidity in the dwelling by bringing in warm air while eliminating dump air. This ensures that good human health is safeguarded.

3. Air Filtration

Smoke, air-borne particles, and dust problems can be addressed through the ventilation in the HVAC system. Removal of these air components ensures that the house is not stuffy and that air quality is enhanced.

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