Which HVAC System Uses More Energy, Heat or AC?

Which Uses More Energy, Heat or AC?

Good news for Floridians and others who live in warm climates: air conditioning uses less energy than heating. A common misconception amongst the world of HVAC is that cooling your home requires more energy (and money!) than heating does, but recent studies have found this to be false. Here is the lowdown on the cool down.

Miami vs. Minneapolis

A research professor at the University of Michigan recently conducted a study to see the real breakdown between the energy usage of heating and air conditioning. The study analyzed the energy demand for climate control between the warmest and coldest large metropolitan cities, Miami and Minneapolis. The findings showed that heating Minneapolis in the coldest months takes about 3.5 times more energy than it takes to cool Miami in the hottest months. Other major cities have been compared and contrasted too—big cities in warm climates like Tampa, Orlando and Vegas all took less energy to cool than to warm big cities like Chicago, Boston, and New York City.

How to Keep Comfortable and Save Money

Heating your home uses more energy than air conditioning your home which also translates to costing more money. An Energy Star study showed that heating your home could be responsible for almost 50 percent of the average household’s annual energy bills, which means if you live in a colder climate, you’re likely to be paying steep costs.  The cost of cooling a home was found to be significantly cheaper compared to heating a home—while an average of nearly $1700 was spent annually on heat, only around $400 was spent each year on air conditioning.

How to Reduce Home Energy Emissions

While air conditioning may take less energy than heating, reducing emissions should be a goal for everyone. You can reduce CO2 emissions when cooling your home by adjusting your thermostat slightly above 72 degrees. Similarly, you can reduce emissions when heating your home by using alternative and natural methods. New HVAC technologies are constantly in the works and aim to lower emissions from heating and air conditioning, too.

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