How to Prevent Animals From Damaging Your Air Conditioner

How to Prevent Animals From Damaging Your Air Conditioner

Sure, animals are cute and all, but they can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system. When critters, both wild and domesticated, find their way into your AC or the area surrounding it, the air ducts or fan motor, essential components of the system are susceptible to damage. Learn how animals may be harming your air conditioning system and how you can prevent it, here.

How Animals Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

Animals can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system in a variety of ways, but the air ducts are particularly susceptible to damage. Raccoons, rats, squirrels and other tiny animals can easily find their way into the air ducts and chew through expensive ductwork, creating holes that allow air to escape. The result? insufficient cooling and possibly thousands of dollars in damages.

Besides potentially damaging the air ducts, animals can damage the fan motor, too. Snakes for example, often hide insider of condenser unit when the unit is off. Once the unit switches back on, the animals…. well you know. Not only does this harm the animal, but the fan motor can be harmed as well.

Perhaps one of the worst things about animals infiltrating your air conditioning system is the smell. If an animal dies in the system, it won’t be long until it begins to decay. When the AC kicks on, the smell can carry throughout your home, leaving you with no choice but to smell it.

Keep the Animals out and the Cool In

Clean the Area Around the Condenser Regularly: Cleaning the area around the condenser unit regularly can help to ward off unwanted animals. When animals urinate around the condenser unit, other animals will be more attracted to the area in an attempt to mark their territory. This can invite unwelcomed critters into your AC.

Use a Pet Repellent: Commercial pet repellents are an effective ways to draw away animals from your AC since they use scents that animals are not attracted to. Try spraying the area around the condenser unit, making sure to coat all of the surfaces evenly.

Call the Experienced Professionals at Engineered Air

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