How to Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

How to Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

Many people prepare their homes for the summer and winter months, but prepping for fall is just as important. Autumn can bring quick and dramatic climate changes that can catch your home off guard, even in the Sunshine State. For this reason, it’s important your home is ready for the change in season—especially your HVAC system. Here are three key ways that you can easily prepare your home for the fall season.

1. Clean the Gutters

You may have ignored your gutters during summer, but you can’t afford to do that once fall begins. Falling leaves can clog gutters, leaving them unable to function properly when heavy rains begin. This can lead to roof damage and flooding, so be sure to check and clean your gutters regularly throughout the season.

2. Replace the Air Filter

Be sure to replace your HVAC system’s air filter. After a hot summer, the air filter within your HVAC system is likely dirty and in need of replacing. Forgoing replacing the air filter can cause unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system, which can cause it to malfunction. A fresh air filter will help it run properly all season long.

3. Schedule Professional HVAC System Maintenance

In addition to changing the air filter, your air conditioner needs to be properly cared for as well. Considering your HVAC system is a complex device, it is beneficial to hire a professional to inspect your air conditioner and perform a full tuneup. An HVAC professional will be able to assist with any potential problems and ensure that your air conditioning system will work properly throughout the season.

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