How to Improve Employee Performance by Adjusting the Thermostat

How to Improve Employee Performance by Adjusting the Thermostat

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the workplace because it was too cold or too hot? Did it affect your productivity? Workplace temperature has been shown to seriously impact employee performance. A study by Cornell University found that the optimal temperature for the workplace is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the productivity rate of employees was 98 percent—but when the temperature increased or decreased, productivity levels plummeted, too.  

Obviously eating right and getting enough sleep are a big part of increasing productivity in the workplace. But adjusting the thermostat could help too. Learn how temperature can affect productivity in the workplace below.

1. Comfortable employees make fewer mistakes.

One study showed that employees made 44% more mistakes if the temperature in the workplace was below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, at optimal room temperature (77 degrees Fahrenheit), employees performed better, made fewer mistakes and were more productive and enthusiastic overall. But what really causes the decrease in productivity when the temperature drops? Put simply, your body has to use more energy to stay warm, which takes away from the power available to the brain to think logically and solve problems.

2. Comfortable employees are happier.

Another study demonstrated a link between trust and physical comfort. If an employee is physically comfortable, he or she is more likely to lend a hand to coworkers. A comfortable environment improves the morale of the entire floor. As so many workplaces seem to complain of poor attitudes and tension, perhaps turning up the thermostat could improve everyone’s mood.

3. Comfortable employees are more creative.

For startups and creative businesses, such as a graphic design firms and the like, it’s important that a comfortable temperature be maintained as temperature and creativity have a direct link. Cold and uncomfortable employees are often less creative, while comfortable employees have more creative energy than normal. This ties into the same reasoning as to why they make fewer mistakes—the body can focus power on more than just keeping warm.

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