How To Host The Perfect Super Bowl Party In Your Home

How To Host The Perfect Super Bowl Party In Your Home

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away! Here are four ways to host the perfect Super Bowl party in your home – regardless of who wins!

Feed the Masses

Aside from the game, the commercials, and the halftime show, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food! Plan your menu before going to the grocery store. Make a list including all of the ingredients for the dishes you’ll be making – and don’t forget plenty of ice! Consider a healthy option or two, but don’t skimp on flavor.  Looking for ways to cut calories without losing the great taste? Try subbing Greek yogurt for sour cream when making dips, including sliced veggies along with chips, and adding fruit to supplement sweets.

Create a Comfortable Space to Watch the Game

We hope the game has everyone on the edge of our seats and jumping out of them, but we also hope that everyone has a place to sit. Space on the couch and easy chairs may be limited or reserved for the MVPs of the family. If there will be more fans than seats in your living room, see about borrowing some from friends or neighbors, or consider renting.

Make Yourself Heard!

As your guests arrive and start to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday libations, make sure that you adjust the volume on the TV accordingly. See that it doesn’t get so loud that people are having to shout to be heard over the commercials, but as the host, you’re in charge of the remote!

Keeping it Cool

With the extra body heat created by your guests and the suspense of the game, make sure that your thermostat is adjusted accordingly. Broncos fans may be cheering from their heated homes in Denver, but we’re still enjoying the warm sunny weather in Florida!

Call Engineered Air To Help Plan The Perfect Super Bowl Party In Your Home

Follow these guidelines while considering your guests and their preferences. Remember that your friends are in your home to enjoy an American tradition. While their focus is on the big game, yours might be on their comfort, the amount of food on the table, and beer in the cooler. Make sure that you take time enjoy the game while replenishing the food and drinks, and everyone will have a great time! Contact us now to enlist our help!