How Long Does It Take For a New AC to Be Installed?

How Long Does It Take For a New AC to Be Installed?

Having a new air conditioner installed couldn’t be easier. In most cases, it takes as little as one day to have your new system installed. Find out exactly what happens during an AC installation, and why you should choose an experienced company for all your AC jobs.

Why Expert Installations Matter

The day your air conditioner is installed is the most important day in your system’s life. Anything that goes wrong during installation can cause serious problems with your system for years to come. That’s why it’s so vital that every homeowner have a trusted and experienced installation team install their new system.

One-Day Air Conditioner Installation

In general, it takes one full day to install an entirely new AC system. This time could be more or less depending on the type of system, size of the home, or work needed to be done to prepare the house for the new system. However, as a rule, it shouldn’t take more than one workday to install a new air conditioner.

The technicians should be able to complete the installation with little intrusions to your home. During a typical installation, a technician will:

– Remove and properly dispose of your old air conditioner.

– Prepare the area for your new AC. This generally consists of making sure the concrete slab is level and secure. They will also clean away any debris that may interfere with their work.

– Check all electrical wiring and refrigerant lines. Before installing a new system, technicians need to ensure that your home is up to date with the latest building codes.

– Install new air conditioner and thermostat.

– Check all electrical connection and circuit breakers for proper sizing.

– Startup the system for the first time and make sure it is cooling your home.

– Walk you through your new system and make sure you fully understand how it works.

– Clean up their work areas and any other messes that might have been created during installation.

After all of this, your new system is ready to go!

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