How Humidity Wreaks Havoc On Your Home

How Humidity Wreaks Havoc On Your Home

Humid air can do a lot more than turn your sleek hairdo into a ball of frizz… It can also cause serious damage to your home in ways you may never have realized! From ruining furniture to diminishing indoor air quality, too much moisture in the air can have serious consequences. Find out what may be at risk in your home and discover how you can keep your indoor humidity level healthy and safe.

High Humidity Can Damage Your Home and Valuables

Too much humidity can cause irreversible damage to your home and the items inside it. Here are some of the things that could be at risk:

Wood furniture: Wood tends to expand and contract with changes in climate. Too much humidity can cause wood furniture to warp and may even cause mildew damage.

Plumbing systems: High humidity levels can create condensation on water pipes and toilet tanks. This means the areas surrounding your home’s plumbing system may face water damage.

Flooring and walls: The moist conditions caused by humidity can turn your home into a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and mold, which can ruin wood floors and carpeting. Additionally, high humidity may cause paint and wallpaper to peel.

Art and photography: Anyone who is a collector of art will want to pay careful attention to their home’s humidity levels, since high humidity can cause paint to crack, peel and fade. Your collection of family photos may be at risk, too. In addition to fading and discoloration, humidity may also lead to mold growth and insect infestation in your collection.

Health Risks of High Humidity

In addition to damaging your valuables, too much humidity can also be detrimental to your home’s indoor air quality. A high humidity level gives way to mold and bacterial growth, which can trigger allergies and asthma attacks and may even cause new respiratory issues to develop. Too much humidity may also increase the amount of time viruses and other airborne illnesses circulate through your air.

How to Maintain a Healthy Indoor Humidity Level

The humidity level in your home should be maintained at around 50 percent. While turning on exhaust fans and cracking the windows at night could help to get rid of moisture that builds up in the air, installing a dehumidifier in your air conditioner will allow you to monitor and adjust your home’s humidity level for optimum comfort. Dehumidifiers work by sucking air into one side, extracting the moisture, then blowing dryer air out the other side. Coupled with a climate control thermostat, you’ll be able to set your home’s humidity level just as you do the temperature!

Protect Your Home From the Effects of Humidity!

While humidity is no stranger to Floridians, there’s no reason to suffer from it while indoors. At Engineered Air, we make it our priority to create the perfect climate in your home. We offer a variety of humidity-reducing options that are sure to make a difference in your home’s comfort. Call today to learn more about what the Engineered Air team can do for you!