How Can I Maintain My HVAC System?

How Can I Maintain My HVAC System?

Your air conditioning system is a big investment, so why not protect it? By maintaining your system regularly, you can avoid costly repairs, improve the comfort of your home, improve your indoor air quality, and lengthen the lifespan of your AC. Not sure how you can maintain your air conditioning system? Here are six easy tips to get you started.

1. Clean the Vents and Ductwork

If you home seems hotter than usual, check the vents to make sure they aren’t closed. If you notice any dust buildup, use a dust cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment to suction dust from the vent covers and inside the ductwork.

2. Keep the Thermostat at a Constant Temperature

Are you a homeowner who likes to change a home’s thermostat constantly? Changing a thermostat frequently can wear out the device, and will make your air conditioning system work harder to produce the temperature you want.

3. Maintain Good Airflow

Check your air conditioner’s exterior unit to verify that it is not obstructed by tree branches, plants, leaves and other debris. If the exterior unit is obstructed by something, it won’t receive proper airflow, which can cause inefficient functionality.

4. Lubricate Mechanisms Inside the Interior Unit

All moving parts require lubrication to avoid wear and tear, including the mechanisms inside an air conditioner. You must turn off the air conditioner for this preventative maintenance and understand the device’s schematics. Unless you’re a seasoned pro, it will be easier to call a professional for this one.

5. Flush the Drain Pan

Flushing out the air conditioner’s drain pan helps remove hard sediments that fill the device. At the same time, cleaning out the drain line will prevent overflow that can lead to puddles of water that can damage floors and walls located nearby.

6. Change the Filter

Change your home’s air conditioner filter once a month to maintain better airflow and air quality. The best air filter is a high-efficiency particulate arresting device that removes over 99 percent of pollen, dust and pet dander.

Contact a Professional Air-Conditioning Technician

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Engineered Air can take the stress out of maintaining your HVAC system. When you sign up for one of our maintenance agreement plans, you’re ensuring your air conditioning system lasts for years to come. Give us a call today at (855) 830-2292 or schedule an appointment online.