How Are HVAC Systems Installed?

How Are HVAC Systems Installed?

Did you know that majority of HVAC performance issues are a result of improper installation and sizing? If you’ve decided to invest in a new air conditioner, you don’t just want it to work – you want it to work efficiently. A poor installation job, however, could ruin your air conditioner’s chances at ever running properly, leaving you with hefty energy bills and frequent repairs to pay for. Suddenly, that big investment you’re making doesn’t seem worth it.

This is why it’s so important to choose an HVAC company who will install your new system with expert knowledge and care. Learn more about the installation process and what a proper installation job entails, here:

Requirements of a Quality HVAC Installation

Professional HVAC technicians follow a set of universal standards to make sure all systems are properly installed and adequately sized for the space. Here are few highlights:

– The system is properly sized to provide the right amount of airflow to each room

– Supply and return ductwork is sealed and provides proper airflow to vents and fan

– Air supply avoids polluted areas, such as locations where cars or chemicals are stored

– Return system is sized to provide sufficient return airflow

– Airflow between supply and return systems is balanced to maintain neutral pressure

– Refrigerant levels are correct

What to Expect With a New HVAC Installation

When you hire an HVAC company to install a new system in your home, the technicians’ work should entail these steps.

1. Remove your old system

2. Prepare the area for the new system, making sure all the new parts will fit correctly

3. Check all electrical wiring and refrigerant lines to ensure they are in accordance with the latest codes

4. Carefully install the new HVAC system, along with thermostats

5. Check all electrical connections and circuit breakers to make sure they are the right size

6. Start up the system to make sure everything is running smoothly

7. Clean up the work area, leaving your home looking just as it did before (aside from your sparkling new HVAC system!)

8. Walk you through the system’s operation, making sure you fully understand how to use it

HVAC Installation You Can Count On

At Engineered Air, it’s always our priority to install your new HVAC system efficiently and effectively, with as little disruption to your life as possible. Our experienced technicians are equipped to perform your installation with expert care and can even complete the job within one day! Call today to schedule and installation with Engineered Air and begin the journey to a more comfortable home!