Why You Should Hire an AC Company With Commercial Experience

Why You Should Hire an AC Company With Commercial Experience

Florida business owners know the importance of a properly working air conditioner. When it gets too hot, it is hard to expect employees to be productive. Same goes for your clients and customers. If your business isn’t comfortable, then no one is going to want to stay long. Whether you own a small shop, or you need AC for a large office building, it’s vital that you choose an AC company experienced with commercial properties.

A Big Space Can Equal Big Problems

When you’re working with a large commercial property, it’s not the same as air conditioning a home. Bigger spaces come with bigger problems, and if your AC company doesn’t have experience, then it could mean disaster for your business.

For starters, larger spaces have multiple cooling zones. This means that extra thermostats are needed, giving you customized control over different areas of the building. These thermostats are designed to help save you money and give employees control over their working environment. You need technicians with experience in commercial AC who know how to strategically place thermostats around the building to optimize everyone’s personal comfort.

Also, larger systems mean a more extensive drainage system is needed. Commercial units require extensive drainage systems that just aren’t needed in residential units. Your home AC needs one or two drip pans. Larger units can easily overflow a single pan.

How Can a Commercial AC Company Help?

When you hire a company with commercial AC experience, you are making the best possible choice for your business. Unlike companies that just handle residential AC, commercial AC companies understand the needs of business owners like you. Creating an entire AC system requires a lot of planning, precision and skill. When you choose a commercial AC company, they can help you:

  • Design a custom system for new construction
  • Install new systems
  • Repair and service existing systems
  • Increase the energy efficiency and cooling power of old systems
  • Upgrade system to increase comfort

Choose the Right Company For Your Next Project!

At Engineered Air, we have over 40 years of experience in commercial air conditioning. Whether you’re looking to add comfort to your small business owner, or building a giant commercial building, we have the solutions right for you. Give Engineered Air a call today and find out the difference experience makes!