Help! Why Is My Split AC System Leaking Water?

Help! Why Is My Split AC System Leaking Water?

Why is your split AC system leaking water? Let the South Florida air conditioning experts at Engineered Air explain.

When it comes to your ductless AC system, water should never be coming out of it. Even if it’s just a little condensation, it means that there could be something wrong with your system. A little leakage might not seem like much at the time, but it can lead to long-term water damages. Don’t let your home’s comfort sink! Understand why your split system is leaking water, and how to fix the problem.

How Does My Split System Work?

Your split system is made up of two parts: An outdoor compressor, and an indoor air handler. These two units are connected by a series of pipes and electrical cables and work together to cool or heat your home.

When cooling your home, your split system creates condensation. This water is collected in a drain pan, and then taken out of your house by a drain line. However, when the water cannot get out via the drain line, it may start creating problems for you and your home.

Drain Blockage

One of the most common issues causing your water conundrum is a blocked drain. This is usually caused by not maintaining your system properly. Dirt and debris gets stuck in the water drain. The water then overflows and attempts to turn your home into a swimming pool.

Normally, the best way to deal with this problem is by cleaning out your system. You should be able to clean it fairly quickly, and you’ll notice results almost at once.

AC System is Too Level

When it comes to your split-level system, gravity is its best friend. If the drain pan outside is too level with the inside unit, then it is harder for the water to travel down the drain line and out of your home. On humid days, the drain pan will fill up quicker, and that is when you will notice more water dripping inside your home.

Call Engineered Air for Immediate Split AC System Repair

If your split system is overflowing, don’t wait! Call Engineered Air at once. At Engineered Air, we service all types of air conditioning systems, and we’ll work hard to ensure your unit is working its best. Don’t live with a leaking AC unit. Contact Engineered Air today and let our experienced technicians help!