Florida Flora: 10 Types and Tips to Beat the Heat

Florida Flora: 10 Types and Tips to Beat the Heat

With springtime in South Florida comes renewal, green grass and sunny days. But, when summer hits, homeowners across the Sunshine State are all too familiar with skyrocketing temperatures, nearly suffocating humidity and torrential rainstorms. In conditions like these, you’ll need to find some heat-loving blooms that will survive through the summer. Here are a number of hardy and curb appeal-boosting flowers that will not only last, but will thrive through the height of South Florida’s hottest time of the year.

10 South Florida Friendly Landscaping Plants

Florida Flora: 10 Types and Tips to Beat the Heat

Milkweed (flower)

Begonia (ground cover)

Egyptian Star Flower (flower)

Wishbone Flower (flower)

Periwinkle (ground cover)

Golden Shrimp Plant (shrub)

Rain Lily (flower)

Holly Fern (ground cover)

Tampa Vervain (ground cover)

Small-Leaf Confederate Jasmine (ground cover)




4 Tips to Conserve Water and Nourish Plants

Florida Flora: 10 Types and Tips to Beat the Heat

1. Micro Irrigation / Drip Irrigation

Micro irrigation, also known as drip irrigation, is a low-volume system that helps homeowners conserve water while irrigating plants at their roots, where they need it most. If you’re just setting out on your gardening and landscaping projects, this is a great opportunity to install drip irrigation. These systems of drip tubing and micro-sprayers are designed to be placed directly in beds, where they’re able to deliver refreshing water right to the base of your plants.

Supplying your garden with micro irrigation doesn’t call for a complex and sophisticated network of irrigation components. All you need is a spigot and hose, a few minutes for design prep and some sweat equity to put all the pieces together.

2. Automatic Rain Shut-Off Device

With torrential summer downpours and daily afternoon storms, it’s a wise idea to invest in an automatic rain shut-off device for your Florida garden. In fact, it’s required by Florida law. Not only will you enjoy more control over your irrigation or sprinkler system, you’ll also enjoy savings on your summer water bill and longevity of your plants.

If you have over a half an inch of rain, set your rain shut-off device to automatically turn off your irrigation system. You’ll save money and save all the sweat equity you put into building a beautiful garden. If you want to take it a step further, consider looking into a soil monitor as well.

3. Rain Barrel

If you’ve ever considered buying or building your own DIY rain barrel, now is absolutely the time to do so. Rain barrels are designed to collect rainwater that travels through your downspout, storing it so you can use it for plant watering down the road. Not only will you conserve your community’s water supply, you’ll also save on your water bill and enjoy contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Mulch

Landscaping with mulch in your plant beds is one of the most crucial things you can do for your South Florida plants. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture during summer and helps keep plants warm during colder months. In addition, it prevents excessive weed growth, improves soil composition as it decays and reduces potential hazards or risks during windy weather.

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Florida Flora: 10 Types and Tips to Beat the Heat

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