End Air Conditioning Repairs With Cool Cash Toward a New AC

End Air Conditioning Repairs With Cool Cash Toward a New AC

Reliable AC equipment is crucial during a South Florida summer, but an aging system can create some serious challenges. You may encounter system breakdowns as the season begins, especially if you have not invested in regular maintenance. Even with a good maintenance routine, however, you can expect your equipment to reach the inevitable point of needing to be replaced, as the typical system has a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. Savings programs such as Carrier’s Cool Cash may provide the motivation to end frustrating and frequent repairs with a system replacement.

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New AC Equipment Reduces Energy Bills and Repairs

Although an older air conditioning system may continue to operate, frequent repairs can have a dramatic impact on overall home comfort costs. In addition to paying for repair visits and parts, you may also deal with increased operating costs because of inefficient system operation. Refrigerant leaks, aging compressors, and worn parts could all contribute to greater energy demands, which can also cause utility bills for summer cooling to rise. Although maintenance rolls back some of the efficiency losses related to these issues, there is a point at which a system replacement is the best path forward. You can expect new equipment to provide greater efficiency levels, and repair needs should evaporate with a new system installation.

Cool Cash Reduces Upgrade Costs

At Engineered Air, we realize that the expense of a new system can be a challenge to address. However, we offer rebates of up to $1,650* through our Cool Cash program based on the cost of your new Carrier system. These rebates are available for a limited time as our customers prepare for the next cooling season, meaning that you will need to purchase your new equipment prior to June 30.

Regular HVAC Maintenance for Long-Term Results

The annual efficiency loss related to an air conditioner’s operation can be 5 percent or greater. However, spring AC maintenance addresses these changes and restores efficiency. A maintenance agreement is an excellent way to ensure that new equipment continues to operate at its optimum.

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