Do I Need to Replace My Air Ducts?

Do I Need to Replace My Air Ducts?

The air ducts in your home have an important job to do. After all, air ducts are the passageways that transport air through a space. Not only do air ducts work to supply cool and conditioned air throughout the rooms of your home, but they remove warm air, too.

While it’s obvious that air ducts play an important role in the overall comfort of your home, they are more than likely out of sight, out of mind. However, as with any appliance, your air ducts are susceptible to damage and general wear and tear over time. Sometimes a quick repair will be all that’s needed, but more extreme cases will require a replacement. Here are a few signs your air ducts need to be replaced.

You Live in an Older Home

Some things, like cheese and wine, get better with age. Your air ducts aren’t one of them. While some older homes will be equipped with newer air ducts, older air ducts may be damaged or even have asbestos content inside. If your home is 50 years or older, consider having a professional take a look at your ductwork — especially if you aren’t sure if it has been cleared of asbestos.

Your Home Isn’t the Same Temperature Throughout

An efficient air conditioning system will be able to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout every room. If you notice that the rooms in your home are different temperatures or you experience cold spots or hot spots, there may be a problem with your air ducts. It’s possible that air may be escaping from an area within the ductwork, so consider having a professional perform an inspection.

There’s Mold

Florida is notorious for being humid, but humidity and water buildup can cause mold to grow within your air ducts. Mold is always a sign that you need to replace your air ducts since it can be extremely hazardous to your family’s health. If you smell mold coming from your AC or if you suspect mold is growing in your air ducts, call a professional to inspect them as soon as possible.

Quality Air Duct Replacements

Your air ducts are an integral part of your air conditioning system, so if you notice any of the signs above, give us a call. At Engineered Air, we provide quality services to keep your AC functioning as efficiently as possible. Whether you need your air ducts cleaned, replaced, or serviced in another way, we’ve got you covered. Give one of our friendly team members a call today, or schedule an appointment online.