Do I Need to Hurricane Proof My Air Conditioner?

Do I Need to Hurricane Proof My Air Conditioner?

It’s hurricane season in Florida. And while many of us feel prepared, there is one crucial thing you may have forgotten — your air conditioner.

That’s right, just like the rest of your home, your air conditioner needs to be hurricane-proofed. Since your air conditioning unit sits outside, it is very vulnerable to all the elements. And while it is built to withstand a lot, your AC is nothing compared to a category 3 hurricane. That’s why it’s important to prepare your air conditioner before the storm hits. Just follow these tips to help get your AC hurricane ready.

Do I Need to Hurricane Proof My Air Conditioning Unit?

There is one simple question to ask yourself to find out if you need to hurricane proof your AC. Is a hurricane on its way? Then you need to prepare your AC!

Any time there is a hurricane coming towards in your area, you need to not only proof your air conditioner but your entire home. Being prepared can help minimize the devastating effects of a hurricane.

Keeping Your AC System Secure Year Round

It doesn’t matter if a hurricane is on its way or not, there are a few safety tips that you should always follow to keep your air conditioner protected and safe.

First, ensure that your condenser unit is safely secured to a concrete slab. This slab should be completely even and free of any major cracks. If it is not secured, high winds will rip the unit out of the ground and send it flying through the air. This obviously destroys your unit, but can also cause damage to homes.

Prepping Your AC Unit for Hurricane Season

The best way to protect your air conditioner from a hurricane is by covering it. You could either use a custom cover (found at most home improvement stores), or a tarp secured with bungee cables. This will protect your system against any debris.

Before the storm comes, you should also remove any patio furniture, yard tools or children’s toys from the yard. Also, you will need to turn off the entire system during the storm. Any power surges that may occur during the hurricane could cause electrical fires or other problems within your system.

Call Engineered Air to Help Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Safe This Hurricane Season

Make sure your air conditioner is ready before the storm hits. Call Engineered Air today. Our team will help maintain your system year-round and ensure it is ready for all types of Florida weather. Just give us a call today or go online to schedule your appointment.