Do I Need to Clean My Condenser Unit?

Do I Need to Clean My Condenser Unit?

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t pay much attention to your condenser. Until something goes wrong, at least. Unfortunately, once your condenser unit has stopped working, it is often too late to resolve the issue without a costly repair.

But all of this can be prevented with biannual maintenance. Cleaning your condenser unit is one of the simplest and most impactful ways to improve your comfort, cut energy costs and extend your system’s life.

What Does A Condenser Unit Do?

You condenser unit is hands down the most vital part of your entire HVAC. It is the heart of your entire home comfort system. The condenser unit works with all the other parts of your system to deliver you cool, refreshing air. To do so, it condenses refrigerant from a vapor into a liquid. A fan then works to pull in air that is pushed over the condenser coils, cooling the air before it is sent throughout your home.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Condenser Unit

Over the course of your air conditioner’s life, it will filter out billions of pollutants and microorganisms from your air. However, as time goes by, these pollutants begin to pile up in your condenser unit. This makes it harder for the coils to transfer heat and cool your home. Now, your air conditioner has to work twice as hard to be half as effective. Suddenly, your energy bill starts skyrocketing while your comfort plummets. This is why it’s so important to clean your condenser unit.

When Should I Clean My Condenser Unit?

You should have your condenser unit cleaned professionally twice a year. This ensures your system is ready for the winter and summer — the two times a year you use it the most. However, you should also visually check your condenser unit on a regular basis. Removing any visible debris from your unit will help keep it running at peak performance all year round.

Call The AC Maintenance Professionals Today

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