Do I Need an AC Maintenance Checkup Before Summer?

Do I Need an AC Maintenance Checkup Before Summer?

Summer is almost here! And while most homeowners are getting ready by cleaning their pools, switching to lighter linens and landscaping their yards, there is one thing a homeowner should never ignore: their trusted AC!

The summer months demand a lot from our air conditioners, so we need to make sure they are ready for the heat. Here is everything you need to know about getting maintenance so your system is ready for summer.

What Is an AC Maintenance Checkup?

Just like your car, your air conditioner needs regular, annual maintenance. This ensures it is operating efficiently and effectively! During an AC checkup, an experienced technician will thoroughly inspect your entire system. This includes:

– Condenser coil cleaning

– Overall system performance check

– Motor lubrication

– Check refrigerant levels

– Condensate drain cleaning

– Blower components test and adjustment

– And so much more!

What Are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

When you have AC maintenance, you are guaranteeing your comfort for the entire summer. While your AC may be fine now, maintenance ensures it will continue to work throughout the season by preventing future issues from occurring. Just some of the benefits you will receive from maintenance include:

Lower Energy Bills: When your AC receives maintenance, it runs much more efficiently. This means it now requires less energy to run, saving you money on air conditioning.

Better Air Quality: When your AC is clean, your air is clean! AC maintenance makes sure your system is clean, and you are getting the highest indoor air quality possible.

Fewer Breakdowns: There is nothing worse than being stuck with a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer. AC maintenance helps catch small issues with your system before they become major issues.

Longer System Life: The average AC lasts for around 10 years. However, you can help lengthen this time by getting regular maintenance.

Get Your AC Ready For Summer

Summer’s not here quite yet, but it’s already heating up outside! Make sure your system is ready for the high temperatures by scheduling maintenance today! At Engineered Air, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire system, and make sure it will keep you cool all summer long. Call Engineered Air today, or make your AC maintenance appointment online.