10 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There’s quite possibly no better way to show Mom how much you love her than by making her something truly from the heart. Whether you are fresh out of ideas and tired of looking through gift options online, or you simply want to go that extra step for a present she will treasure forever, creating something that is one of a kind is the perfect Mother’s Day surprise.

Need some DIY inspiration to get you started? Below are ten simple yet wonderful options to give to your mother this holiday.

10 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Is your mom a coffee drinker? Consider making her a new set of coffee mugs with light, happy colors to brighten her mornings. The best part? These typically cost less than $5 to make!

2. For those who love wine and flowers, a DIY wine cork vase is just the solution. You can even create a few different sizes to mix and match on a display. This is another inexpensive item you can easily create with just a little time and plenty of wine corks. Bonus points if you buy Mom a new bottle of wine to go with!

3. Looking for something a little more personal? Try making a wooden photo holder — perfect for those favorite family shots and a sentimental printout phrase to go with!

4. Combine two great things into one by making a scarf watchband for a mom who loves trying new fashion ideas. Take a few minutes to look for some fun fabrics to play with and match them up with a couple different watch faces from old watches.

5. If your mom has a green thumb, you may want to think about making a stepping stone for her garden with stained glass this holiday. Both fun to create and lovely to look at, this will make her think of you each time she walks through her garden.

6. Do you have a knack for whipping up some tasty treats? Check out these ideas for Mother’s Day treats that even younger kids can help you bake!

7. For mothers always on the go, why not sew together a simple tote bag for her to carry? You can put together one big enough for lots of personal items she can bring with her anywhere, and easy enough to make, even for those new to sewing.

8. Even if you do buy a small piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, it might mean a whole lot more when you present it to her in a personalized jewelry box! Many of them are simple to make yourself, or you can buy ones at a local craft store and paint to your liking.

9. One unique idea instead of flowers could be to repot a variety of succulents into one bowl together. Succulents are fairly easy to take care of and can brighten up any desk or table space. Try adding a personalized, little wooden sign to go with!

10. For moms who love candles and everything vintage, look into thrifty tea cups you can turn into candles! Perfect for sprucing up a dining room, kitchen, or living space, these adorable and chic candles can bring some warm light into the home.  

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