DIY Landscaping Tricks to Hide Your Air Conditioner

Landscaping Tricks For Hiding Your Condenser Unit

While your air conditioner’s condenser unit plays an extremely important role in keeping your lovely home cool and comfortable, it doesn’t do much for the aesthetic of your backyard. Fortunately, there are many DIY tricks to fix that, and the Pompano Beach heating and cooling pros at Engineered Air can help! Here are a few landscaping tips to hide your unsightly AC condenser unit and making your yard look even better.

DIY Ways to Hide Your AC Condenser Unit

No matter how your backyard is laid out or landscaped, there’s an air conditioner condenser-concealing trick that is right for you.

How to Fence In Your AC Unit

From lattice to bamboo, you can use almost any type of decorative fencing to close in your condenser unit. Some fences will even accommodate vine-growing plants like ivy or jasmine. Just make sure to keep a fair amount of distance between the fence and your AC equipment to allow sufficient airflow and room for a technician to access the unit when necessary.

Implement a Vegetation Screen to Hide Air Conditioner

For those who have smaller backyards, you may not have the option of planting your garden out of the way of your condenser unit. However, by using a vegetation screen as a divider between your condenser unit and your garden, you’ll have your party guests saying, “A condenser? Is that an indigenous plant?”

Hide AC Unit with Tall Trees or Shrubs

What better way to conceal your condenser unit than with a “living fence?” Dense shrubs and hedges or even short fruit and flower trees can make a perfect barrier between your condenser unit and the rest of your yard. Just be sure to keep a barrier of at least two feet between the unit and any plants.

Build a Well-Ventilated Structure to Hide Your AC

Essentially, you can use anything you want to hide your condenser unit as long as it’s well-ventilated and does not directly touch the equipment. If simply putting a fence or plants around the unit isn’t doing it for you, you can build a wooden structure that not only conceals the sides, but the top as well. Just make sure there’s some breathing room. Closing in your condenser completely will result in damage and we’ll be unable to reach the unit when we need to service it. If the structure goes over the top of the unit, be sure it can be easily removed or opened up to allow access.

AC Maintenance in Pompano Beach

Even more important than making sure your condenser unit fits in well with your landscaping is making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently all year long. With regular preventive maintenance, you can do just that, along with improving energy efficiency and reducing your energy bill. Give us a call today at (855) 830-2292 or schedule service online!