DIY Air Conditioner Repair: The Expert’s Guide

DIY Air Conditioner Repair: The Expert's Guide

Looking to repair a failing air conditioner with a DIY plan? The South Florida AC repair experts at Engineered Air are here to help! When faced with air conditioning woes, the thrifty home owner might be tempted to go the do-it-yourself route. After all, hiring a professional for the job can be expensive and timely. How hard can fixing your air conditioner really be?

When it comes to fixing your HVAC unit, it’s important to remember that it is a very delicate and integral machine. While fixing it yourself might seem like a smart option, keep in mind that anything you do wrong might turn a “simple fix” into an expensive mistake. You’re not only gambling your money, but your home’s comfort when you take on air conditioning projects by yourself. So be sure to get all the facts before taking on an AC DIY project.

When DIY Air Conditioner Repair is Ok

Sometimes, a little bit of DIY is all you need to fix your air conditioning woes. Small and easy fixes you can do yourself will keep your air conditioning running and prevent further damages. Here are some fixes that most homeowners can easily do themselves:

Replacing a Fuse: If your AC just won’t start, check and see if a fuse is blown or if you have a tripped circuit breaker. Restoring a circuit is a simple job that you won’t need a professional for.

Cleaning Your Condenser: A dirty condenser can prevent your air conditioner from doing its job. Cleaning out your condenser and straightening out its fins can go a long way to improving your home’s comfort.

Unblocking Your Condenser: Sometimes, debris will block your condenser, causing your unit to not cool properly. Clearing away any weeds, branches or vines can make a world of difference for your home’s comfort.

Small Leaks in Air Ducts: Air can leak out of holes in your air ducts. This can cause your rooms to not cool properly and run up your energy bill. Patching small holes can be an easy and quick job.

When to Call in the Air Conditioner Experts

When you have a major issue with your HVAC system, you probably don’t want to trust some random online tutorial to solve your problems. It’s best to get the job done right, the first time. Otherwise, you might be facing even bigger issues. If you have any of the following air conditioning troubles, it’s probably time to call in for reinforcements:

Refrigerant Leak: A refrigerant leak is not only an issue for your unit, it is an environmental hazard. That’s why you must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to handle it. If you have a refrigerant leak, or just need it topped off, call an HVAC technician.

Installing A Unit: If you install a new unit wrong, best case scenario is it doesn’t work properly. Worst case, you’ve now ruined a very expensive air conditioner. Always hire a professional for installation.

Water Leaks: When water is leaking out of your vents, it might be caused by a wide variety of issues. You don’t want to be wasting time trying to diagnose your AC, as the water can cause dangerous mold to form and damage your home.

Broken Motor: Putting in a new motor is a technical and integral process. This is without a doubt too big a job for the casual “do-it-yourselfer”.

Large Leaks in Air Ducts: Larger leaks are trickier to seal. Not doing the job right will decrease comfort and increase your electrical bill.

Loud Screeching Noise from Compressor: If your outdoor compressor unit is making screeching sounds, turn off your system and call a professional at once. Dangerous amounts of internal pressure may have built up in your compressor, and it is very important that a professional repairs it as soon as possible.

Remembering AC Maintenance is Key

The best way to not worry about your air conditioner is by having regular maintenance. At Engineered Air, we offer annual and biannual Maintenance Agreements Contracts that take the hassle out of scheduling maintenance. For all your air conditioning needs, call Engineered Air today at (855) 830-2292. Our experienced technicians will fix your HVAC problems, big or small.