5 Ways a Dehumidifier Can Improve Your South Florida Home

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Wondering how a dehumidifier can improve your home comfort here in balmy Pompano Beach? Dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels in indoor air and that effect can provide your South Florida home with a number of benefits that will improve the comfort level inside your home. Keep reading to learn more:

1. Comfort

Temperature isn’t the only factor that determines whether you sweat, shiver or find that sweet spot. Humidity is arguably just as important, and South Florida is no stranger to high humidity levels. If your AC never feels just right, you may be surprised at how big a difference a dehumidifier can make.

2. Reduced Energy Costs

Since dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard and thus uses less energy. Additionally, since lower moisture levels also make air more comfortable, you may be able to raise your thermostat as much as several degrees above where you’d set it otherwise.

3. Less Allergy Triggers

Eliminating allergy triggers in a home requires a multipronged approach that includes proper ventilation and frequent dusting. A dehumidifier can play an important part of an effective solution not only because it makes air easier to breathe for many people but because it makes the environment less favorable to many common allergy triggers, such as dust mites and mold spores.

4. Mildew Avoidance

Mildew and mold require damp environments in order to flourish. By maintaining your home at an ideal humidity level, you make natural mold growth unlikely and would only have to worry about it in the event of water damage or a similar scenario.

5. Pest Control

Humidity control can also play an important role in pest control. Pests often gravitate to moist environments, which is why pest control specialists will often recommend dehumidifiers in problem areas. Be mindful that a dehumidifier won’t cure pest problems, but they can help avoid the odd occurrence in an otherwise healthy home.

Engineered Air Can Answer All Of Your Dehumidifier Questions

At Engineered Air, we want your home to be as comfortable and healthy as possible, and a dehumidifier is often a useful tool in achieving that goal. If you require HVAC service or have questions about dehumidifiers or other aspects of air quality, don’t hesitate to contact us today.