How Critters Can Wreak Havoc On Your HVAC System

How Critters Can Wreak Havoc On Your HVAC System

Animals are great; they’re cute, fun and, at times, very entertaining. However, just because we can appreciate cute critters in the wild, it doesn’t mean we want one living in our air ducts! Animals wreak havoc in our air conditioner units and can cause big problems for our homes. Over all, animals are great, but only when they stay out of our AC systems. Learn how animals can destroy your HVAC system, and what you can do to prevent them from harming your home or themselves.

Air Duct Disasters

The top place that animals can cause damage is within your air ducts. Small animals like rats, squirrels and raccoons can find their way into your air ducts or attics. This normally happens in the winter when they are looking for a way to escape to frosty air outside. Rodents love to chew through your expensive ductwork, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages. Once they create holes in your ductwork, air is able to escape and your home will no longer properly cool.

If you suspect something is living in your ductwork, then you’ll need to call in a professional to trap and remove it. The sooner you call in a professional, the less damage the animal will have time to cause. That means your AC will keep performing at its best, and the little pest will go back outside where it belongs.

Smelly Signs Coming From AC

Sometimes, the animals don’t live long enough to destroy your air ducts. These unfortunate little guys pass away before they are able to cause any real damage. While this is better for your ductwork, it’s terrible for your nose. After a while, dead critters will start to smell, and since they are in your ductwork, the smell will be carried throughout the entire house. If you notice a foul smell coming for your air ducts, it’s probably time to call in a professional to extract the poor little guy.

AC Fan Motor Woes

When your outside condenser unit is switched off, animals sometimes like to crawl up into them. Snakes in particular enjoy hiding inside condenser units. Unfortunately for these guys, once the unit goes back on, they meet their fate when the fan starts to rotate again. While this usually does more harm to the critter than the AC, it can cause damage to your unit. If you’ve had your unit switched off for an extended period of time, give it the once over for any animals that might have made their home in there before turning it back on.

The Experienced HVAC Professionals You Can Trust!

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