How to Control Humidity in Your South Florida Home

How to Control Humidity in your South Florida Home

The humidity in South Florida can make a beautifully warm day feel miserable, and when the mercury soars humidity management in your home should be a high priority. Too much moisture can result in problems with mold growth in the home, an issue that may affect the health of those in your household. If you recognize that your home’s humidity is excessive, you may wonder about solutions.

Air Conditioning Maintenance to Battle Humidity

Your air conditioning system is the primary defense against excessive humidity in your Florida home. If the HVAC is not regularly and properly maintained then the system will not be able to properly dehumidify the home. In turn, you may notice more mold, sweating walls and stuffy odors in your home.

In order to be sure that your AC equipment is in top operating condition, you should schedule a tune-up with the air conditioning experts at Engineered Air. Be sure your HVAC system is ready to handle the heat and humidity Florida dishes out this summer, contact us now.

How to Control Humidity in South Florida

Humidity Gone With Proper Ventilation

If you are noticing that some rooms are more humid than others, you may want to examine ventilation for those spaces. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are particularly prone to humidity problems, and leaving doors open may help in diffusing excess moisture. If the issue is a whole-home problem, an energy recovery ventilator may help in providing a means of exhausting moist air and bring in fresh air. An ERV includes a paper core that dehumidifies the incoming stream of air, helpful for keeping the indoor setting fresher without exacerbating the moisture problem.

Dehumidifiers and Advanced Air Conditioning Systems

It is possible to install a dehumidifier to address excess moisture in your south Florida home. However, you may also want to explore advanced air conditioning equipment to compare the costs and benefits. Today’s designs include options with multi-stage compression, excellent for enhanced dehumidification even when cooling activity isn’t needed. You will typically experience the best dehumidification from a traditional air conditioner when the heat is at its height. When temperatures decrease and cooling isn’t a huge issue, the moisture may still be a problem. Multi-stage compression solves this concern for many homeowners.

Control Humidity With South Florida AC Experts Engineered Air

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