Coastal Area Concerns: Your Air Conditioner and the Beach

Coastal Area Concerns: Your Air Conditioner and the Beach

Living near one of the Sunshine State’s beautiful beaches is a luxury that many people only dream about. The ocean, the sand and those amazing sunrises and sunsets…we Floridians are lucky! But while you may love the ocean, sand and sun, your air conditioner does not. Moreover, constant exposure to these elements means your AC could be taking a serious hit.

Ocean Corrosion and Your AC

Ocean corrosion isn’t just a tongue twister; it’s a serious concern for your air conditioning unit. Similar to how the ocean erodes the shoreline, the ocean air erodes metal surfaces. When it comes to your AC system, if you live near the ocean, the exposure to salty air could be causing corrosion on your system’s aluminum coils. Salt has the ability to break down the protective oxide layer that normally protects metals. As the oxide layer is destroyed, the coils can get worn down to the point of disintegration. When this happens, not only will your home not be as comfortable as you’d like it to be, but your energy bills can increase dramatically.

How You Can Protect Your AC from Salt Air Corrosion

While your air conditioning unit may be in danger of salt-water corrosion, you aren’t out of luck. There are many ways you can combat saltwater corrosion from damaging your air conditioner, such as:

Hosing Down Your AC: Something as simple as hosing down your air conditioning unit may protect your system for a long time coming. Because salt is relatively easy to wash away, simply rinse the condenser coils with water every day or so.

Applying a Special Coating: You can apply a special coating to your condenser coils, which will work to fight against salt-water corrosion.

Buying the Best Air Conditioner for Coastal Areas: While buying a new air conditioning system may not seem like a viable option for you, investing in the right AC system could be the best option. Many brands sell AC systems that are built to withstand harsh environmental elements, but an Engineered Air professional can help you pick the best coastal air conditioning unit for your home.

Call the Professionals at Engineered Air

If you’re lucky enough to live on the beach, don’t let salt air corrosion be your air conditioner’s downfall. At Engineered Air, your home’s comfort is our #1 priority, so if you suspect the ocean is causing your system to falter, give us a call today. To learn how Engineered Air can help you, call us today at (855) 830-2292 or contact us online!