Central Air Conditioning Acting Up? Don’t Wait to Call for Help

Central Air Conditioning Not Working? Don’t Wait, Call for Help

If you are dealing with problems as you initiate the use of your air conditioning equipment for the year, you don’t want to wait to call for assistance. Engineered Air offers preseason services that can provide important benefits in optimizing your equipment for the hot summer months ahead. Additionally, an early service appointment can ensure that problems with your system are diagnosed and addressed before the temperatures really start to climb.

HVAC Maintenance Improves Air Conditioning Performance

In many cases, homeowners dealing with problems in their home comfort systems may be able to achieve quick relief through preventive maintenance. A system inspection and tune-up allows an Engineered Air Comfort Specialist to check the condition of mechanical and electronic components. He also verifies refrigerant levels and lubricates moving parts. Cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils is another important step during a tune-up visit. These efforts often remedy problems like poor airflow and insufficient cooling. Following are some examples of improvements that can be experienced through HVAC maintenance:

Airflow – Dirty indoor coils can restrict the flow of air through your home. If your AC is delivering a weak stream of air, verify that your filter is clean. Do a visual check of the coils in your air handler, and call for service if you notice a grimy layer of dirt.

Indoor temperature – Grimy coils can also affect the heat exchange that cools your indoor air. Tune-up service removes this layer, and you should experience much cooler conditions as a result.

Refrigerant levels – Low refrigerant can also influence the cooling of your home, making an inspection helpful in identifying leaks and recharging the material. During routine maintenance, it’s possible your technician may identify the need for AC repair. Engineered Air Comfort Specialists make repair recommendations during maintenance appointments so necessary repairs can be completed before the summer heat really kicks in. It’s important to note that regular maintenance can reduce your potential for summer central air conditioning repair needs. Up to 95 percent of AC repairs can be eliminated through faithful system optimization each year. At the same time, the life of your equipment may be extended because of these services. Your energy performance can be improved, as well. In extreme cases, a tune-up may resolve problems that increase your HVAC energy usage by 50 percent or more.

Dealing with Emergency AC Repairs

If your system malfunctions during the heart of the cooling season, it’s important to have repair services performed right away. Continuing to operate a malfunctioning system may lead to more serious damage or a complete system failure. Additionally, a system problem during extreme temperatures can create serious comfort or safety issues in your home. The experts at Engineered Air are available on a 24/7 basis all year long to address your urgent cooling repair needs. We also offer preventive maintenance plans to assist you in optimizing your equipment in advance of the cooling season. You can contact our office to schedule an appointment or ask additional questions related to your home comfort system. We’ve proudly served the West Palm Beach, FL, area and other neighboring communities since 1970.