Can Salt Water Damage My Air Conditioner?

Can Salt Water Damage My Air Conditioner?

Your air-conditioning system can be affected by environmental factors in the area in which you live. Homes and businesses located close to coastal regions can be affected by the moisture and minerals in the air that settle on parts deep within the system. The deposits left behind can cause damage that can lead to breakdowns and poor operation. Considering we live in Florida, with many homes being in close proximity to the beach, it’s important to understand how salt water can affect your air conditioning system.

Why Is Salt Water A Problem?

The problem with salt water environments is not only the moisture contained in the air, but also the salt. Salt water contains particles of sodium chloride, which can settle on internal parts and cause deterioration and poor performance. Sodium chloride can be carried up to five miles inland from a coastal area and can settle inside air-conditioning equipment. Gradually, the buildup of this contaminant can cause damage to parts.

How Do Salt Water Environments Affect Your AC System?

A number of parts within air-conditioning systems can be affected by moisture and sodium chloride deposits caused by salt water in the air. The condenser coil is one of the most vulnerable parts of the system that can be affected by these problems. The aluminum fins that are bonded to copper tubes can deteriorate rapidly under these conditions, preventing airflow and reducing heat transfer. The result is inefficient operation and frequent shutdowns of the system.

Signs Of Corrosion Problems

You may be experiencing corrosion issues within your air-conditioning system if you notice poor cooling performance, icing up of the equipment, or failure of parts. If you live near a coastal area and find you are paying for frequent repairs, your system’s inefficiencies may be caused by salt water corrosion.

Keeping Your System Corrosion-Free

Regular cleaning and inspection of your air-conditioning system can prevent many of the problems caused by salt water corrosion. If necessary, special coatings can be applied to parts to protect materials from the damage caused by corrosion. An air conditioning professional can advise you on the best ways to keep your air conditioning equipment functioning at optimum performance.

Prevent Salt Water Damage To Your AC System

To prevent the problems caused by operating your AC in a saltwater environment, contact Engineered Air. Our team of HVAC professionals can give your system a thorough inspection, which will help prevent breakdowns caused by the corrosion of parts. Give us a call today to learn more, or schedule an appointment online.