Can I Claim a Tax Credit for a New Central AC System?

Can I Claim a Tax Credit for a New Central AC System?

It’s no mystery that air conditioning systems are big investments, which is why many homeowners feel like they can’t afford a brand new system. But, a new air conditioner can provide more than just heat relief. If your new air conditioning system meets certain requirements, it can be a tax relief too. Learn what those requirements are below.

Does My Air Conditioning System Qualify?

Claiming a tax credit on a new air conditioning system is a great way to get the comfort you want, without breaking the bank. However, not all air conditioners will qualify for a tax credit. In order for the unit to qualify, it must meet the following requirements:

Energy Efficiency: To qualify for a tax credit, your new air conditioning system must rate at the highest energy efficiency tier set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. Not sure if your new air conditioning system meet the energy efficiency guidelines? Simply ask a professional from Engineered Air.

Primary Residence: It’s also important to note that a tax credit is only available for your primary residence when you purchased the new air conditioning system.

How Much Is the Tax Credit Worth?

If you qualify for a tax credit, you can get as much as $300 for the unit’s cost. Expenses can include the purchase of the new air conditioning system, on site preparation, assembly, and installation.

How Else Can I Save on a New AC?

Tax credits aren’t the only way to save on a new air conditioning system. At Engineered Air, we offer a variety of payment options that help you get the comfort you need without breaking the bank. Besides accepting cash and all major credit cards, we offer these convenient options:

Rent-to-Own: We’re proud to partner with Microf® to provide a convenient rent-to-own and financing options for a new air conditioning system.

Carrier® Credit Card*: We’re proud to bring you the Carrier® Credit Card*. This is an easy and convenient way to pay for all of your Carrier® brand products. Even better, you’ll get to take advantage of exclusive benefits, rewards, promotional offers, monthly payment options and more.

*The Carrier® Credit Card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender.

Find Out How Affordable a New AC Can Be!

At Engineered Air, we believe everyone deserves a new air conditioning system, which is why we strive to provide economical solutions. With tax credits and a variety of payments plans, you can feel confident in investing a new home comfort system from us. Still have questions? Give us a call today to learn more about financing.