Can I Get Central AC In My Old House?

Can I Get Central AC In My Old House?

Many homeowners love and appreciate the caricature and appeal that comes from living in an old house. However, while old houses may be high in charm, they do not always have all the modern luxuries we want, namely air conditioning. Isn’t it time you brought your old house into the 21st century? Find out how central AC can work for you.

Problems Facing Old Homes

Older homes may have plenty of caricature, but they can be a little tight on space. For those living in an old house, you know how important it is to get the most out of your space. That is why most homeowners are reluctant to hand over their storage space for a large ductwork. Plus, in older homes, extensive work may be needed to add central air. This can make installing central air conditioning a pricey project. Luckily for old homeowners, there is a solution.

The AC Solution for Old Homes

Small duct, high-velocity AC systems are a growing trend among homeowners and with good reason. These systems work just like other central air conditioners. They have a condenser unit, air ducts, vents and a thermostat, which all work together to deliver refreshing air throughout your home. The difference is only the size. Unlike big, bulky ducts in newer homes, these systems have small ducts, about the width of a toilet paper tube. Since these ducts are so much smaller, the air is pushed out much faster than other systems.

These types of units are ideal for those lacking in space. They offer almost identical comfort and take up a fraction of the space. Plus, small duct, high-velocity units are incredible at removing humidity from homes, making them ideal for those living in the sunshine state.

Improved Comfort Is Just a Phone Call Away

If you are ready to have all the charm of an old house, with all the convenience of a new one, then give Engineered Air a call. Our experienced technicians can help you determine what options will work best for you. Don’t wait, call and find out how Engineered Air can help you today.