Buying Your First AC: What Every New Homeowner Should Know

Buying Your First AC: What Every New Homeowner Should Know

Buying an air conditioning system is a huge investment that can provide years of comfort if you do everything right. But, if you hire the wrong company, purchase the wrong system, or if the system is not installed properly, you might as well have made a large down payment on a money pit. If you’re looking to purchase your first air conditioning system, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Hire a Reputable AC Company

When buying a new air conditioning system, most people try to save by looking for deals and discounts. However, you should avoid companies whose primary selling point is cheap air conditioning installation. With these companies, you’ll get what you pay for–not a lot. Make sure you do some background research on any company before you decide to hire them. Pay attention to customers reviews and don’t simply pick the first company you find.

Size Matters

When it comes to purchasing and installing a new air conditioning system, size matters. An air conditioning system that’s too big will essentially cool your home too much and can create excess moisture, while a system that is too small can have the opposite effect. In either case, a system that is sized incorrectly can drastically hinder your home’s comfort and can increase your energy bills. A technician from a reputable air conditioning company can help you find the ideal system that’s the perfect size for your home.

SEER = Efficiency

You’ll likely notice the acronym SEER alongside every AC you look at. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Systems with a higher SEER are built to use less energy to provide hot or cool air. This provides you with a lower utility bill for your home each month. While a higher SEER rating will also come with a higher price tag, this will be a great investment for your home.

Engineered Air is a Company You Can Trust

At Engineered Air, we can help you with all your air conditioning installation needs. Our trained technicians will make sure your new system is the right fit for your home and will run efficiently for years to come. To learn more about Engineered Air, or contact us today if you need any help selecting the perfect air conditioning system.