How to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

How to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

Springtime in the Sunshine State is arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year. The air gets warmer and the sun shines more, inviting us to open our windows to let the cool, spring breeze into our homes. With springtime approaching, here are three ways you can brighten your home and say goodbye to winter.

Swap Dark Colors for Brighter Hues

Some home decor enthusiasts tend to opt for darker colors during the winter months. While these rich hues are on trend for winter, they can feel drab in the spring. If you’re looking to brighten your home this spring, try adding pops of colors throughout your home. Consider swapping dark pillows, curtains and throws for lighter, jewel-towed options. In addition, bright rugs, vases and spring flowers can help leave strong impressions of spring throughout your home.

Add a Springtime Scent

An easy way to compliment your brighter interior is with a spring-inspired scent. Spring-themed candles, diffusers and the like make a nice addition to any home and can help brighten any room by adding a fresh scent. Try opting for candles reminiscent of being outdoors—think earthy scents like cedar or fruit as these will help evoke feelings of spring. In addition to providing a fresh scent, flowers are another great option as they provide a nice, bright appearance and make a beautiful centerpiece in any room.

Get a Maintenance Checkup for your AC

It may not be the obvious choice, but your air conditioner can help make your home brighter as well! When functioning efficiently, your air conditioner not only cools your home, but helps to ventilate it as well. Even better, a properly-functioning AC will greatly improve the air quality inside of your home by working to remove various allergens. The result? A cleaner, fresher home. The best way to ensure your AC is functioning efficiently is with a maintenance checkup, so schedule one today!

Let Engineered Air Brighten Your Home

These three additions are a surefire way to brighten your home for the approaching spring season! And while brighter decor and spring-themed scents are aesthetically pleasing, the state of your air conditioning system is most important! Spring is the perfect time to have a maintenance checkup performed on your air conditioning system by Engineered Air. At Engineered Air we work to make sure your home is as comfortable possible, so be sure to contact us today to schedule your maintenance checkup.