3 Ways to Boost Your AC’s Performance With Strategic Landscaping

With summer fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about ways to keep your home cool. If you have a quality air conditioning system, you may just plan to set the thermostat to freezing — but there are more environmentally friendly ways to stay cool too. In fact, your landscaping plays a big role in how comfortable your home is and how much energy you use. And, with the right landscaping strategy, those trees, bushes, shrubs and vines in your yard could help keep you cool while lowering your cooling costs by as much as 35 percent!

These tips will help you get started.

Create Outdoor Spaces

Living in Florida, there are a lot of great outdoor activities to take advantage of. But you don’t need to run your air conditioner on full blast when you’re enjoying time outside. Create an outdoor area where you can relax, eat dinner and let your kids play while enjoying the breeze instead of your air conditioner. Make space for a table and chairs under your existing shade trees or plant new ones. If you need to plant new trees, remember that while you may not get shade immediately, it’s an investment that will pay off for years down the road. You can use a canopy for added shade while you’re waiting for your trees to grow.

Provide Cover for Your Condenser

Your AC’s condenser works to remove heat from your home, but being located outside, the system can get really hot. As a result of combatting the Florida sun, your condenser has to work in overdrive to cool your home. A simple trick to lighten the load on your condenser is to shade it from the sun.  Surround it with bushes or plant a tree that will block the afternoon sun from hitting it. Just remember to keep your plants trimmed back so that it has a few feet of breathing room to allow it to vent hot air away. Bushes, decorative fences, or other barriers are also a great way to protect it from lawn clipping, leaves, and other yard debris that could get inside of it and reduce its performance.

Keep the Sun Off of Your Home

Your air conditioner’s job is to remove heat from your home. If you can prevent heat from entering your home to begin with, you can greatly reduce how much you need to run your AC. Bushes and trees are a great way to keep the sun from sending heat into your home through your windows, roof, and sun-facing walls. Just remember to design your landscape in a way that doesn’t provide burglars a place to hide. Flowers, mulch, and other coverings running all the way around the edge of your home won’t just make it look better — they’ll also keep the ground cooler and stop more heat from radiating into your home.

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