What Is Blocking My Air Ducts?

What Is Blocking My Air Ducts?

Have you ever wondered why the rooms in your home are all different temperatures? Do you have your AC blasting all the time, but hardly any air coming out? Or is your electricity bill just abnormally high? All of these problems may have the same cause; blocked or damaged ductwork.

When our home’s ducts are blocked, it prevents the air from reaching our house. This means our ACs have to work even harder to cool our homes, raising our energy bills and leading to poorer air quality. Learn what may be blocking your ducts and stopping air from reaching your home.

Dirty Filters

One of the most common things blocking ducts is a dirty filter. When we don’t change our filters once a month, dirt starts to build up inside them. Dirty filters do not allow air to properly pass through and lower your home’s air quality. If it has been a while since you last changed your home’s air filter, then this might be the first thing you want to try. You’ll be amazed how quickly you notice a difference.

Holes and Dents

Damage in the ducts themselves may be preventing air from reaching your home. Ducts become damaged a variety of ways. Commonly, it’s just old age that wears them out. If you get a new AC, but do not update your ducts, the old ductwork won’t be able to keep up with the high demand of your new system. This may cause leaks, allowing the air to escape.

Dents are another danger to your air ducts. When people go in your attic, like an electrician or the cable man, they may dent or damage the ductwork if they do not know where it is. This is due to simple carelessness, and can harm your homes airflow.

Dirt and Debris

If it has been over a year since your last air duct cleaning, then dirt or debris may be what’s causing your air duct woes. Dust and dirt gets trapped in your ducts and slow down the air. Even worse, small animals can find their way into your ducts. When the unfortunate critters pass away, their bodies slow down the airflow along with leaving a foul odor.

Call the Trusted AC Professionals

If you’re experiencing air duct troubles, don’t worry! Home comfort is just a phone call away. At Engineered Air, our technicians are experienced at dealing with a wide range of air duct dilemmas. So why wait? Call Engineered Air today and start experiencing year round comfort.