The Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make

The Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make

It can be easy for homeowners to opt for an independent contractor when they need HVAC services since they often tout low prices. However, low prices and other flashy sales gimmicks typically garner shoddy work. While contractors can provide excellent air conditioning services, on a smaller budget they cannot be expected to provide the same quality work as a reputable AC company. It’s best to hire a reputable company since contractors can make costly mistakes, such as these:

Working on a Low Budget

Working on a small budget forces the contractor to cut corners. The equipment needed will be cheaper and the workers the contractors can afford may be less experienced. This method allows the employer to hire or fire people with less hassle. It also makes you not as liable for the people you hire, but it comes with bigger risks.

Poor Ductwork

Often times, contractors have low budgets and fewer resources. Due to limited resources, more attention may be spent on the condenser unit rather than on the air ducts leading into the house. If the ductwork isn’t checked, there’s a chance there could be a leak. This means using the AC you purchased because of its high efficiency rating will waste energy and net you a high energy bill for the month.

Inaccurate Measurements

The AC system has to be the right size for your home or you run the risk of having an inefficient system. A system that is too big will drastically change the temperature of your home wasting energy in the process. A system that is too small won’t be able to change the temperature and will use an excessive amount of energy trying to do so. Practicing standard industry procedures lets the technician know if the system being installed is the right one for your home.

Call a Reliable AC Company

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