What Are The Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

What Are The Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

A hot summer here in Florida can be really tough on a home’s HVAC system. Emergency AC repairs tend to spike when a heat wave hits, and family comfort and safety can both be jeopardized. Unfortunately, many residents wait until there is a problem with the system before they look for a reputable heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor. It’s helpful to remember that preventative AC maintenance can play a big part in keeping your home from experiencing serious repair issues.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

The idea of prevention being a worthwhile investment is true for many home appliances, systems and personal belongings. With your heating and cooling equipment, preventive care provides you with the chance to have your system inspected and optimized ahead of seasonal use.

A preventative service visit includes multiple inspection points. Refrigerant levels, coil condition and drain pans are examined and serviced as needed. Ducts and thermostats are checked. Major mechanical components are evaluated. Loose fittings are tightened, and moving parts are lubricated.

Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance

The most obvious reason to schedule preventive care for your system is to be sure that everything is in working order. However, there are many benefits that result from your system optimization:

Extended system life – when your system is optimized, less wear on critical components like the compressor is the result, leading to longer service time in most cases

Savings on repairs – optimized equipment is less likely to malfunctions during seasonal use

Enhanced energy efficiency – home performance can be affected by neglected equipment, and optimization raises the efficiency of your system

Improved home comfort levels – well-maintained equipment produces more precise comfort control in your home

Better humidity levels – the local climate can lead to clammy conditions inside, but an optimized air conditioner is more efficient at dehumidification

Cleaner air – indoor air quality can be affected by dirty coils and blower parts, and cleaning of these components reduces contamination of your airstream

HVAC System Coils and Refrigerant

Neglect of your coils can lead to many problems with your system. Coil cleaning is an essential part of your preventative service, providing many specific protections to your system and home. Dirty coils can contribute to 20 percent more energy usage in cooling your home. They can also lead to your system freezing up, exposing your compressor to potential damage. Air quality is affected by the air passing over dirty coils as well. This is one of the most important reasons to schedule annual AC maintenance.

Refrigerant levels can also play a large part in high energy bills and potential damage to your equipment. An undercharge of 10 percent can raise your energy usage by 20 percent. Low refrigerant can also cause frozen coils.

Scheduling an AC Tune-Up with Engineered Air

Engineered Air recommends preventative maintenance service for the before and after the long, hot Florida summer. However, if you’ve noticed frozen coils, high bills or musty odors coming from your equipment or vents, you can schedule a preventative service call right away to improve your system’s operation. Contact us today to get started!