All Natural DIY Air Fresheners

All Natural DIY Air Fresheners

Nothing makes your home more inviting than a nice, pleasant aroma. However, if you’re using store bought air fresheners, you may actually be doing more harm for your air than good. Many common household air fresheners have been know to have harmful chemicals in them.

An independent study done by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) tested 14 different air fresheners from the drug store. They found that these air fresheners contain chemicals that are known to cause reproductive and developmental problems with younger children.

But just because you shouldn’t use store bought air fresheners doesn’t mean your nose has to suffer. Just try these all-natural DIY ways to keep your air smelling great!

DIY Oil Diffuser

Nothing makes your home smell better than essential oils. And one of the easiest ways to spread that smell around your home is with a simple DIY oil diffuser. All you need is a mason jar with a lid, baby oil, scissors, your favorite essential oil and some bamboo skewers.

Start by filling the jar with your desired amount of essential oils. The stronger you want the smell, the more oil you should put in the jar. Next, fill the mason jar ⅓ of the way with baby oil. After this, use the scissors to poke holes in the Mason jar lid. Make them big enough for the skewers to go through. Finally, attach the lid and attach the skewers. And voila! Your DIY oil diffuser is finished.

Homemade Potpourri

Potpourri is a great way to add beauty and a fresh smell to your home. And making it yourself couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need are some dried flowers, essential oils, pinecones and any herbs or spices you want to add.

Place the essential oils, pinecones and dried flower in a closed container. Let them all sit in a in the container for about a week. Once enough time has passed, take all ingredients and place them in a decorative bowl and enjoy!

Simmer Pot

Looking for a fast way to make your home smell amazing? Try a quick and simple simmer pot! Simply fill a pot with water and all of your favorite smelling things. Use herbs, essential oils, or even fruits! One easy combination you can try is rosemary, lemon and vanilla extract.

Next, place the pot on the stove on a medium high heat. Once the water begins to boil, bring down to a simmer and enjoy the nice aroma! Let simmer until your whole house is smelling great!

Protect Your Home’s Air

There is nothing more important to your home than its indoor air quality. That’s why Engineered Air is here to help! We offer a number of services to help keep your air clean and safe. Just give us a call today or go online and find out how we can help protect your home’s air!