Why Is My Air Handler Freezing Up?

Why Is My Air Handler Freezing Up?

It seems like an oxymoron here in South Florida. The temperature outside is rising, and inside is feeling just as bad. But when you go the check on your air handler it’s… frozen? How can that be? It’s so warm outside!

Many homeowners are left scratching their heads when dealing with a frozen air handler. How can it be boiling outside, but the air handler looks like it’s taken a trip to the Arctic? It may surprise you too, but this is a very common AC dilemma. Learn how to deal with your icebox of an air handler, and how to stop it from freezing in the future.

Signs Your Air Handler Frozen

You may be able to tell that your air handler is frozen without even looking at it. Some of the common symptoms of a frozen air handler include:

  • AC suddenly stops working, or is working poorly
  • Lack of airflow from vents
  • Wet air filter
  • System will not switch off on its own
  • Warmer indoor temperatures

Any of these issues may be a result of a frozen air handler. If you believe that your home may be suffering from a frozen AC, it’s time to turn off your system and investigate. It may be one of the following common problems.

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Low Refrigerant

Weak solder joints, piping rubbing friction, or simply loose fitting valves, can cause refrigerant leaks. When refrigerant levels become too low due to a leak, the coils cool unevenly. This causes some parts of the coils to become extremely cold for long periods of time, eventually freezing up.

Poor Air Flow

If airflow is restricted, this too may cause an icy air handler. When there is poor airflow, the coils in the air handler become too cold, causing the ice. There are many possible causes of poor airflow. Some of the most common include:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Closed or blocked vents
  • Inadequate return air duct size
  • Dirty air ducts

Any of these culprits may be blocking your home’s air flow and causing icy vents.

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