Air Conditioning Filters 101

Air Conditioning Filters 101

The air filter is one of the simplest components to your air conditioning unit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital to the operation. A filter helps keep the air in your home clean and protects your air conditioner from airborne debris. With indoor air quality and expensive equipment at stake, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your air conditioning filter. Here’s everything you need to know!

Where Is My AC Filter Located?

The air conditioning filter is usually located somewhere along the return duct of your AC unit, but even with that knowledge, it might be tough to locate. You might find your filter behind a vent built into a wall, on the ceiling or behind the door to the closet, which hosts your AC unit. If all else fails, pull out your owner’s manual.

Do I Have To Change My AC Filter?

Yes! It is very important to change your filter and we recommend doing so once a month. While some filters can be cleaned, other types must be replaced. By regularly changing your air filter you will boost your home’s indoor air quality, minimizing the amount of dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold and other potentially harmful particles that build up in your air handler and circulate through your home.

Changing your filter will also help reduce your energy bill by allowing your AC unit to run more efficiently. As the filter becomes dirtier, less air is able to pass through it, meaning your system has to work harder to cool your home. A clean filter helps your air conditioner run at peak performance, using less energy.

How Do I Change My Air Filter?

Changing your filter is fairly simple. Just follow these steps:

Before changing the filter, turn the AC unit off completely to prevent dust from getting caught in the ducts when the filter is removed. You will probably have to remove a metal covering before you can get the filter loose. Remove the filter carefully and take note of its measurements to ensure the new one you buy will fit your system.

When you have your new, clean filter ready, insert into the same place you removed the old one from. Replace the old filter by inserting the new filter in the same place as the old one. The filter will probably be marked with arrows that show you how to position it. Once the filter is in place, replace the metal covering. You can now turn your AC back on.

And that’s it! You’ve just purified your air, reduced your energy bill and prolonged the life of your AC unit in a few simple steps.

Never Forget to Change Your AC Filter Again!

At Engineered Air, a professional changing or cleaning of your air conditioning filter is just a small part of what is included when you sign up for our AC maintenance contract. Call us today at (855) 830-2292 to learn more about the air conditioning services we offer and the many benefits that come with them.